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Talking Terry Jones back from the brink

October 1, 2010
By tomsander

Flickr photo by photine

Interesting account in the Washington Post by Jim Wallis about behind-the-scenes efforts to convince Terry Jones (of the “Dove World Outreach Center” in Gainesville, FL) not to burn the Quran on 9-11.

The storm around the imam, his wife and their proposed community center was already bad enough when, on Thursday,…
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President Obama catches flak for approving of Muslims praying near Ground Zero

August 16, 2010
By tomsander

Young Muslim Girls – Flickr photo by Ron Aldaman

On Friday, President Obama unleashed an unintentional firestorm. At a Ramadan Dinner (a practice started by President George W. Bush post 9-11 to show that America’s disagreements are with terrorists, not Muslims), Obama gave voice to values widely held by most Americans: that everyone has…
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