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May 17, 2009
By louiseconverse

Huffington Post: “Family Research Council and a Denial of Partisan Christianity.” (Jonathan Merritt 4/5/12) Methodist Welcomes Guest Speaker Robert Putnam.” (April 22, 2012).

Unbound:American Grace, Presbyterian Justice, and Stopping the Splitting.” (Chris Iosso 4/4/12)

Publius Online: Romney’s Mormonism or Romney’s Religiousness.” (Daniel B. 4/4/12) Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” (April 2012)

The Mormon Monk: American Grace: The Mormon Movement.” (April 1, 2012)

Modest Commentary:Book Review: American Grace by Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell (Simon & Schuster).” (3/31/12)

Fabius Maximus:God and the Tea Party Movement.” (March 30, 2012).

The Christian Post: “Christianity Without the Church.” (Chuck Colson 3/28/12)

Commonweal. “‘God’s Right Hand’: a new biography of Jerry Falwell.” (Michael Peppard 3/23/12)

Time. “How Religious Expression Is Splitting the U.S. Electorate—Including Republicans.” (Adam Sorensen 3/22/12)

The Patheos. “‘Nones’ and the Future of Religion in America.” (Jason Pitzi-Waters 3/22/12)

Foreign Affairs: Why Mixing Religion and Politics is Bad for Both.” (David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam March/April 2012) (Must purchase PDF)

Huffington Post: “Free Rabbinic Advice to Rick Santorum From a Texan.” (Rabbi Justus N. Baird 3/21/12)

The Christian Post: “Youth Turned Off by Religion and Politics, Turn Away From Church.” (Napp Nazworth 3/19/12) Fewer in the Pews: Implications for American Liberalism.” (Steven Windmueller 3/18/12)

Liberty: Grace Notes: American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” (David A. Pendleton March/April 2012)

New York Times Opinion: “The Weakness of the Churches.” (Ross Douthat 3/15/12)

Washington Post: On Faith: “More than a ‘Mormon movement.’” (Michael Otterson 3/15/12)

Huffington Post: “Don’t Let the Supreme Court Fool you: Diversity on Campus Is Important.” (Kyle Anderson 3/8/12)

Catholic Sentinel:Researchers’ advice to pastors: Spend more time on church suppers.” (Catholic News Service 3/5/12)

CNN Belief Blog: “Americans are polarized on religion but agreeable about it, authors say.” (Katie Gleaser and Emma Lacy-Bordeaux 2/23/12)

WCVB TV Boston: “Author: US Polarized But Agreeable On Faith.” (Katie Gleaser and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux 2/23/12)

USC Annenberg:Mitt Romney: The Mormons’ JFK?” (Megan Singson 2/23/12)

Commonweal: So how’s that ‘New Evangelization’ goin’ for ya?” (Cathleen Kaveny 2/20/12)

Deseret news:Editorial: the vitality of faith.” (2/19/12)

Latinos Ready to Vote!: American Grace: Why Rick Santorum is Not My Favorite Catholic.” (Alex Gonzalez 2/15/12)

Huffington Post: “Ask Pastor Paul: Can I Offer Words From My Pagan Traditional at My Christian Mother’s Memorial Service?” (Paul Brandeis Raushenbush 1/31/12)

Homeschooling Research Notes: “American Grace and Homeschooling.” (Milton Gaither 1/30/12)

Huffington Post: “’Bowling Alone’—With Confucius!” (Rodney L. Taylor 2/1/12)

Huffington Post: “Ask Pastor Paul: Can I Offer Words From My Pagan Tradition at My Christian Mother’s Memorial Service?” (Paul Brandeis Raushenbush  1/31/12)

Homeschooling Research Notes: American Grace and Homeschooling.” (Milton Gaither 1/30/12)

Daily Herald.Harvard Prof discusses religion, politics at Elmhurst College.” (2/9/12)

The Hook. “Fading faith: The unreported story of our time.” (1/29/12)

The Washington Post: “Is Romney nicer because he’s Mormon? (Lisa Miller 1/26/12)

The New York Times: “The Best States to Grow Up In.” (Nancy Folbre 1/23/12)

The Vancouver Sun. The Changing face of Canadian diversity.” (Douglas Todd 1/7/12)

City Weekly. “Losing Faith” (Greg Wilcox 1/11/12)

The Commons. “American Grace: Robert Putnam to deliver the Catholic Heritage Lecture” (Rob Deltete 1/10/12

The Telegraph. “Poverty, not colour, is the real dividing line in modern Britain.” (Fraser Nelson 1/5/12)

Chicago Journals, JSTOR: American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” (Darren E. Sherkat 1/4/12)

The Town Talk. “Commentary: For Southern Baptists, more than a name change.” (Jerry W. Doyle 1/2/12)

Society for the Advancement of Judaism. “Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone author, to speak at SAJ.” (Speaking on 1/28/11)

Stanford Social Innovation Review. “One Nation Under Gods.” (Rhys H. Williams Spring 2011)

City Weekly. “Losing Faith.” (Greg Wilcox  1/11/12)

The Vancouver Sun. “The Changing Face of Canadian Diversity.” (Douglas Todd 1/7/12)

The Immanent Frame. “American Grace: Public Sociology: rigor and relevance.” (David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam December 2011)

The New York Times Opinion Pages: “Good Minus God.” (Louise M. Antony 12/18/11)

Utah News. “Gender gap widening among Utah Mormons, but why?” (Peggy Fletcher Stack 12/14/11)

The Atlantic. “Millennial Mormons Watch Romney with Anticipation and Anxiety.”(Timothy Bella 12/13/11)

Huffington Post. “Anti-Mormon Attacks: It’s Not Personal, Mitt. It’s Just Politics.” (David Briggs 12/13/11)

Mennonite Weekly: Young people need to be part of renewing the church.” (Sheldon C. Good 12/12/11)

The Natlowe Blog:3 Things The Church Should Learn From Occupy Wall Street.” (12/6/11)

Faith Forward. “Defining and Defending Religious Freedom.” (Jim Burklow 12/2/11)

The Journal of American History: “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” (Book review by Mark Silk December 2011)


The Phoenix: “This week in pictures.” (Julia Carleton 12/1/11)

Black, White and Gray: Are Atheists More Generous? (Bradley Wright 11/29/11)

NPR: “Romney’s Religion Could Play Role in Primaries, Poll Finds.” (Liz Halloran 11/24/11)

Huffington Post: Celebrate a Spiritual, not Religious Thanksgiving (William Grassie 11/22/11)

Cooperativa: “Robert Putnam: Las conexiones sociales construyen mejores comunidades” (Robert Putnam conversó con Lo Que Queda del Día 11/16/11) “Hearing Robert Putnam on the puzzle of American religion.” (Travis School 11/3/11)

St. Louis Beacon. “When it comes to religion, Americans are devout, diverse—and surprisingly tolerant.” (Dale Singer 11/3/11)

South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame profs receive poli-sci awards.” (10/30/11)

Washington University in St. Louis. “Putnam to speak on how religion divides and unites us.” (Neil Schoenherr 10/25/11)

Huffington Post Religion: “Religion, Morality and the Financial Industry: An Interview With Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.” (Paul Brandeis Raushenbush 10/25/11)

Huffington Post:Religion, Morality and the Financial Industry: An Interview With Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.” (Paul Brandeis Raushenbush 10/24/11)

The Wall Street Journal: Pinpointing Romney’s Mormon Challenge.” (David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam 10/21/11)

Deseret News: “Jews, Catholics view on Mormons favorably; what it means for Mitt Romney.” (Joseph Walker10/21/11)

The Jewish Daily Forward:Why ‘Occupy Judaism’ Is Turning Point.” (Jane Eisner 10/13/11)

R&D Magazine:Four to receive honorary degrees at U-M’s winter commencement.” (University of Michigan 10/13/11)

Winston-Salem Journal:Religious reads offer something for everyone.” (Dale Pollock 10/9/11)

The Elm. “David Campbell and ‘American Grace’ at WC.” (Aubrey Hastings 10/7/11)

The Immanent Frame: “American Grace and public sociology.” (John Torpey 10/7/11)

Publications: Religion in America.” (Peter Berkowitz 10/1/11)

GSPIA:Wherrett Lecture Series Features Robert Putnam.” (Meredith Fahey 9/30/11)

The Reporter:Trott: Tuning out Tea Party?” (Greg Trott 9/30/11)

Washington College:American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” (9/29/11)

Associated Baptist Press: Opinion: The sociology of Sunday school.” (Bill Leonard 9/29/11)

The Guardian:Religious faith builds a civil society in a way secularism does not.” (Austen Ivereigh 9/29/11)

The Telegraph:What’s the Point of Religion? BBC One, review.” (Benji Wilson 9/28/11)

The Christian Post:Atheists Just as Servant-Minded as Christians, British Study Reveals.” (Ray Downs 9/27/11)

The Jewish Press: “’We are failing to hear the call of Hashem’: An Interview with Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.” (Elliot Resnick 9/27/11)

The speaker tackles religiosity.” (Patrick Donovan 9/26/11)

The Immanent Flame:Taking theology seriously.” (Molly Worthen 9/26/11)

The Guardian:Do believers make better citizens?” (9/26/11)

The Christian Century: Normal Mormons.” (Jana Riess 9/26/11)

Evolution Blog:Judaism Without God?” (Jason Rosenhouse 9/25/11)

The National Post:In Republican race, public prayers seem more political than personal” (Robert Putnam and David Campbell 9/23/11)

The Washington Post:Judaism without God? Yes, say American atheists.” (Kimberly Winston 9/23/11)

The Monkey Cage: “How Robert Putnam helped create the Tea Party.” (Henry Farrell 9/20/11)

The Observer:Professor awarded book prize” (Adriana Pratt 9/20/11)

TribLocal: “What role does religion play in politics and the 2012 election?” (Phil Brozynski 9/20/11) author gives lecture on religion” (9/19/11)

Huffington Post:The Good News About American Islamophobia” (Nancy Fuchs Kreimer 9/16/11)

Religion and Ethics:American Grace: How the U.S. Solved the Problem of Pluralism” (Simon Smart 9/16/11)

Collected Miscellany:Quick Takes: American Grace” (Kevin Holtsberry 9/16/11

AlterNet:10 Myths Many Religious People Hold About Atheists, Debunked” (Amanda Marcotte 9/13/11)

Sydney Morning Herald:


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