New Yorker blog thinks Putnam and Campbell should be in TIME100

April 26, 2011
By tomsander

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New Yorker blog (“Book Bench”) commenting on TIME100 observes the notable absence of Robert Putnam and David Campbell for American Grace.

Excerpt (and perhaps first sentence that puts Putnam/Campbell and Justin Bieber in same sentence):

What about the authors of super-important works of academic non-fiction (if academics qualify as professional writers, which they should if they’re not abusing tenure)? This year, I’d cite Robert Putnam and David Campbell, for American Grace, a landmark statistical survey of religion in the U.S. that people will be consulting for decades. I know, I know: it’s because they aren’t as “influential” in the current moment as Justin Bieber, the Korean pop star Rain, or the requisite slew of tyrants, dictators, and crazy French nationalists.

Read “The Book Bench: TIME 4” (New Yorker blog by Macy Halford, April 25, 2011)


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